Playscene Downloads

Erika and Jenny (my children) wanted to share their art with the Petz community, so they drew some playscenes. The top one is Erika's and the bottom is Jenny's. Erika's is a beach, complete with sound effects and a pier for your petz to sit on. Jenny's is a garden with a tree to climb and a toadstool to sit on. Both are zip files, and both are for Petz 5. Left click to download. Please let me know if they don't work for you!

Here's a playscene that I made from a photograph I took. There are no ledges or mouseholes (they distract from breeding) but it is rollable and growable. Enjoy!

Keegan says Thank You to Speedwagon for his voice!

Muteness Fixer!

A huge thank you to Speedwagon and her husband for this muteness fixing program. I've tried it and it works beautifully. Give it three seconds and it will fix all your mute petz. It's amazing! Click here to get it!

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