Selective Breed: Jinx Lynxes

Kitty did it! We now have a breeding pair that produces standardized kittens. Aren't they gorgeous? The pair is highly inbred, in case that bothers you...

Click here to download them

New Hexed Breed: Blaue Katze

This is from Kalahari. It's based on a Persian and you can see how big it gets. Cute hexie!

Unibreed file

"Textureless" Scottish Fold

This is an overwriting breedfile for all versions that will give you beautiful Foldies without that heavy orange texture. I never breed without it anymore!

Get the file here

Hexed Breed: Tamarettes

This is my first try at hexing of any kind, and I think they turned out great. Tamarettes are based on one of my most popular show cats, Tamara (JFC's Bright Future). They are orange shorthairs, but I used Sleepycat's base-swapped file when I hexed them, so they all have Maine Coon personalities. Both versions of the breedfile have seven different color variations and seven eye color variations. They are for Petz 5 only, and they use external lnz files, so be sure to read the readme to find out where to put the extra files!

Overwriting version | Non-overwriting version

Selective Breed: Calico Folds

These breeding pairs are for download. Please do not show them. They nearly always breed true to the following conformation:

All these cats are descended from Patches, my first Calico Fold.
This is not a breed registered with anyone, mainly because there's no one to register with right now! Also, Petz 5 seems to have problems with true breeding. I can't even begin to stabilize color, and approximately one out of every ten kittens is born with a Calico tail instead of the puffy Fold tail. These are 7th-generation Calico Folds. I have carried the project to ten generations and still have the tail problem, so I don't think it's solvable.

Selective Breed: B&W Folds

These breeding pairs are for download. Please do not show them. They nearly always breed true to the following conformation:

These are 8th-generation B&W Folds. They have bred true 100 percent of the time in my experiments, with lots of color mutations (gold seems to be a popular color). Please let me know if they don't breed true for you!

Mutating Fur Files

As many of you know, UbiSoft screwed up the new Catz 5 breeds. They made the fur textures on the Scottish Fold, Egyptian Mau, Honey Bear and Desert Lynx non-transparent, so you can't get color mutations with those breeds. This problem has been fixed by a couple of hexers in the Petz community. My adoption pages have information about where to find the fixed breedfiles, but apparently these sources aren't very reliable, so I've put the breedfiles here as well.

Catz 5 Breedfiles

Pat's Desert Persians

Aren't they gorgeous? These are the results of a breeding project done by my friend Patrick (or Poseidon...). The files are a little big (Paris is nearly 2 MB, Nikkita is over 200 KB, the other two are around 600 KB) but these cats are beautiful. These are downloadable petz, so please don't show them!

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