Random Sample

Based on T2's "Lucky Dip" concept.

OK, here's how it works. These kitties all have names, listed below. The order of the names does not correspond with the order of the pictures. Email me a name, and I will send you that cat. Have fun guessing which cat has which name, and see if you get what you think you're getting! (I do not necessarily give cats names that "fit" or make sense... ;) All cats will have small file sizes, and all are for Petz 5. One pick per person per day, no more than two picks per week please. (If you don't like what you get, you are allowed to put it up for adoption, whatever you want.)

Names: Arista, Astera, Brennan, Dena, Isaiah, Miniona, Minor, Paxton, Seeley, Vaughn

Here are the "results" of the last Random Sample, so you can see which kitten went with which picture (and kick yourself because you didn't get the one you wanted?) *heh*

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