Shows will be judged every weekend as long as we have at least five entries.
See previous winners here.

Current show closes August 7.

Standard Pose Show #216: 0 entries
This is your standard catz show, for standard points. Please click here for pose examples before you enter.

Rules are pretty simple:

  • Show poses only.
  • No clothing, no bows, toys, or other petz in the picture. White background only.
  • No edited pictures.
  • 2 entries max per person.
  • If you place in my show, please don't enter that cat again.
Here's the form:
  • Your name:
  • Your email address:
  • Your URL (if applicable):
  • Catz' show name/call name:
  • Breed(z):
To enter, copy the form and submit it. Don't forget to attach a picture! (Please don't embed; gif or bmp only.) Winners will receive a nice award banner and standard show points.

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Updated 2 Aug 2010