JinxFold Cattery Litters

  • All catz for Petz 5 only.
  • Unless otherwise noted, all have small file sizes.
  • Please keep JFC as the show prefix.
  • To adopt a cat, use the form at the bottom of the page.
  • Please refresh to be sure the cat you want is still there.
  • Adoptions limited to five per week, ten per month for the entire site.
  • If you attempt to cheat the adoption limits by using multiple email addresses, all your adoption requests will be thrown away and you will receive nothing. If you try it a second time you will be banned from this site. I hate to be harsh, but it's selfish and unfair to try to take more than your share.
  • Please check the status of your inbox. If the catz get bounced back to me, you won't get them.
  • Enjoy!

Note: Catz with mutated Petz 5 textures were bred with fixed breedfiles that allow mutations. You do NOT need the new files to make the kittens work, but if you want to breed their mutated fur you do need them. I've put them here to make it easy to get to them.

Adopted: Aimee, Hisano, Lina, Louanna, Xander

Lots of color, or no color? You decide! Aimee, Shiloh and Xander have Chinchilla personalities, the rest are Calicos.

Adopted: Gryta, Judge, Myron
AVAILABLE: Elle, Gerd, Kiril, Rasida, Soleh

Blue and white, anyone? Judge, Kiril, Myron and Soleh are Bobtails, the rest have Russian Blue personalities.

Adopted: Antoine, Avi, Ayala, Socorra, Stash
AVAILABLE: Georgianna, Jibri

I like the black and orange :) Socorra has a Fold personality; Antoine, Ayala and Georgianna are Calicos; the rest have Siamese personalities.

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