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The Patch Project (Calico Folds)
B&W Folds
Jinx Lynxes

Welcome to the home of the "Patch Project"! We're breeding Calicos and Scottish Folds in an attempt to produce the following traits:

(Basically it's a cat that looks like Patches...)
So far we have four second-generation breeding pairs: Huw and Patches, Ewan and Silvara (bred for me by Silvara at Windswept Waters), Morgan and Sioned, and Cadfael and Bronwyn. No third-generations yet, but we're working on it. This combination of traits is very hard to get, but we're hoping to standardize a breed someday.


May 16, 2003: I've progressed to the fourth generation. You can see that we're getting some lovely colors. It's getting *much* easier to get the traits I want. I've mated these four pairs only once and got eight boys and four girls that fit the description. Eight good kittens used to take 15-20 tries. Interestingly, all the cats pictured below have Fold personalities. The Fold seems to be taking over as the dominant personality in this new breed. This is a good thing, because Folds pose better than Calicos do. My fourth-generation pairs are: Iago and Cerian, Heilyn and Briallen, Einir and Ebrilla, and Bevan and Aelwen. (I found a Welsh names site. ;)


Project completed!

There's still a slight problem...about one in ten kittens will have the Calico tail instead of the Fold tail. I bred ten generations and still had that problem, so I'm suspecting that Petz 5 makes it impossible to breed completely true. :( But the fur, ears, face and personality all breed true in every kitten. If you're interested in starting your own lines, there are four 7th-generation breeding pairs up for download on my Downloadz page

Project #2: B&W Folds

August 22, 2003: Started work on another new breed, this time with B&Ws and Folds. Trying for the following features:

So far, two attempts with four breeding couples have produced one male with the desired traits. Wish me luck!

August 29, 2003: Here's a picture of one of my second-generation breeding pairs, Duffle and Puffle. Aren't they cute?

I have two second-generation pairs so far...still working with the first gens to get more.

January 4, 2004: Yay! A fourth-generation pair! See how the mutations are working their way in? I'm very pleased.

Project completed!

January 14, 2004: Hooray! They breed true 100 percent of the time! I have four eight-generation breeding pairs available on my Downloadz page. Now on to my next project!

Project #3: Jinx Lynxes

February 13, 2004: For some time now I've been trying to produce a line of "transparent tail" cats, exploiting the Catz 5 bug that causes Tabby stripes to overlay on an invisible Lynx or Bobtail tail. I worked for months on a line of Tabby/Bobtails, just breeding for the tail, but could never get it to standardize, even after twelve generations. I believe the problem was that I was *only* looking at the tail. The other characteristics varied widely, and so it wasn't a true "breed". I've started over with Lynxes and Tabbies, looking for Lynx faces and personalities (and no tails) with Tabby stripes. Here is one of my fourth generation pairs.

Some people would consider this type of tail a flaw and get rid of the kitten, but not like weirdness in catz! So I breed for it! *lol* Here's hoping this experiment works better than the first...

September 18, 2004: Can't seem to standardize the tail. It's too bad, but I don't think this breed will make it. :(

April 29, 2006: Kitty did it! Kitty from Calico Kennel and Cattery managed to get a breeding pair that produces Jinx Lynxes 100% of the time (as far as I've tested them). They're available on my downloads page...go take a look!

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